Embajada de Costa Rica

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Who can apply for this type of residency?

  • - A person, who is retired from his/her usual occupation and that receives benefits (in form of a pension) of more than US$ 1,000 per month.
  1. Application form. Please use capital letters to fill out the form. It is not necessary to include the picture just yet.
  2. Application letter with the following personal information:
    1. reason for the application
    2. full name
    3. nationality
    4. marital status
    5. age
    6. occupation
    7. current residence address  
    8. contact information for notifications (fax number in Costa Rica is recommended)
    9. the letter will be signed in front of the consul on the day of the appointment
  3. 3 recent passport-size photos.
  4. Original and copy of document that demonstrates that the person  receives a payment of at least US$ 1,000 for reasons of retirement. The document must be duly apostilled.
  5. Original and copy of the following documents with less than 6 months of issuance and duly apostilled
    1. International birth certificate
    2. Criminal record from where the applicant has lived during the last 3 years
    3. International marriage certificate, if the applicant is married
  6. Copies of all the pages of the passport. The passport must have a minimum validity of 6 months.

Legal Basis:

  • - Ley 8764 General de Migración y Extranjería, Title VI, Chapter II.

For additional information, please click here (only available in Spanish).


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