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Who can register?

Any Costa Rican citizen living abroad that wishes to exercise his or her right to vote.

Until October 3, 2021, Costa Ricans can request to vote abroad for the presidential elections of 2022.

Persons living abroad that request a renewal of their identity card, or request it for the first time, can indicate their electoral domicile outside of Costa Rica.

1. Change request of the electoral domicile in electronic form

Costa Ricans who are abroad can request a change of their electoral domicile free of charge in electronic form through the electronic form of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Costa Rica (Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones). The form is available on the following web page: 



Videos about the procedure:



Time: Inmediately

Cost: Free of charge

2. Change request of the electoral domicile through the embassy

A change of the electoral domicile can be requested at the consulate


  1. Cover letter indicating the country where the person wishes to be registered as a voter and his/her e-mail or telephone number for notifications.
  2. Copy of both sides of the valid identification card (cédula de identidad). If the identification card is expired, a new one can be requested.
  3. Filled application form.
  4. German postal stamps. Please consult the consulate about the exact amount of stamps required.
  5. 2 photographies that fulfill the following specifications:
    1. Background: light grey
    2. The shoulders must be located at the bottom corners of the photo
    3. Exact size: 4.5 cm high x 4 cm wide


If the documents are complete and correct, an appointment at the Embassy or Honorary Consulate will be given in order to fill out the original application form. The original identification card (cédula de identidad) must be brought to the appointment.

Time: 2 months.


German postal stamps. Please consult the consulate about the exact amount of stamps required.


Legal Basis:

- Código Electoral, Law No. 8765, Title IV, Chapter III.

For more information on the election process (in Spanish), visit the website of the Electoral Supreme Court of Costa Rica

For additional information on the electoral process(in Spanish), please click here.


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