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VISA FOR NON-RESIDENTS (Tourist or Business)

Only for citizens of the European Union:

Citizens of member countries of the European Union do not require a special visa to enter Costa Rica for tourism or business purposes. However, at the airport in Costa Rica, the following documents must be submitted:

  1. Proof of exit to another country within 90 days of entry into Costa Rica, which can be a:
    1. Flight ticket
    2. Busticket
    3. Boat Ticket
    4. Flight plan in case of a private flight
    5. Navigation plan (stating the port of destination) in case of a private ship
  2. Proof of economic means to stay in Costa Rica as a tourist (minimum US$100 per month).
  3. International valid passport. It must be in good condition.
  4. In some cases, a yellow fever vaccine is required, per the following criteria here.

Further information in spanish you can find on the following website:


Who needs a visa to enter Costa Rica as non-resident (tourism or business)?

Citizens of countries that are NOT in the following list, must apply for a tourist visa, except for the following circumstances:

a) If you have a visa (tourist visa, crew member visa, business visa) for the United States, Canada that is stamped into your passport and valid for at least 6 month.

b) If you have a legal residence permit (residence, work permit, study permit) for the United States, Canada and/or EU Countries with a validity of at least 6 month.

These documents have to be translated into spanish with a apostille or legalization.

Please take into account that refugees have to apply for a tourist visa in any case.

For people who need to aooly for a consular o restricted visa:

Before you apply for a possible visa, it is necessary to fullfill the following requirements that must be send original to the Embassy. After a study of these documents we would inform which kind of visa you might need to enter Costa Rica.

  1. A visa request letter addressed to the Consul of Costa Rica containing the following details: full name, nationality, passport number, home address, purpose of your trip, length of your trip, place and date of arrival and departure, profession or occupation, exact address in Costa Rica, date and place of birth, fax number for notifications or email, date of the request and signature.
  2. copy of first page of Passport, that must be valid for at least 6 months, before the date of entrance.
  3. Itinerary or a temporary reservation of flight ticket. It is recommended that airline tickets not be purchased until your visa has been approved. 
  4. Proof of solid economic status (bank account statements, salary, statements, work letter, etc) for the last three months.
  5. Police record with less than 6 months of issuance and duly apostilled (Translated into Spanish)
  6. People with a refugee status need a clearance from the country in wish they have a refugee status in order to travel to another country.
  7. 1 recent passport-size photo in color.
  8. Proof of legal status in Germany or a country of the european union (employment authorization card, student visa, work visa), for at least 6 months . Visas will only be issued to individuals with a legal status in Alemania or EU, Schengen visa do not apply. Individuals who do not meet these requirements should apply for a visa in their country of origin.
  9. The Consulate may require additional documents.

It is important that you are informed that, depending on previous requirements, the visa could be issued in this Consulate or might be necessary to be consulted to the “Comision of Restricted Visas” in Costa Rica in this case the consulate is just serving as a connection between the applicant and this comision.

It could take up to 90 days or more until Migration of Costa Rica will make a decision. If more documents are requested or not presented this might take more time.

 As soon as the visa is approved you will be informed about the costs.


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